Common Reasons for Metal Roof Leaks

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Metal roof leaks seem like a hassle, but are they worse than any other type of roof? Metal roofs are a great long-term investment for both commercial and residential buildings. On average, a metal roof will last you nearly twice as long as an asphalt-shingle roof will, and will be better for your electric bill as well. This added durability and energy efficiency together make metal roofs pricier than other types of roofs. Unfortunately, even at a higher price point metal are prone to developing leaks like any other roof. 

We always recommend calling roofing professionals if you notice a leak, but you can check bad the damage potentially is with a moisture meter. With that being said, as a home owner or business owner it’s still important to understand why an issue on your roof may be happening. To help, we’ve created this short list of common reasons for metal roof leaks.

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4 Common Reasons for Metal Roof Leaks 

1. Outdated Stack Flashings

Also known as “boots”, stack flashings are areas in your roof where vents (usually HVAC) and pipes come out of your roof. Obviously, if there are vents or pipes coming out of your roof it’s important to make sure that those areas are sealed to prevent metal roof leaks. Stack flashings fill this need, sealing off the exposed area around the base of the pipe or vent.

Stack flashings are typically made from rubbery material that can mold to the base of whatever fixture is coming out of the roof. Unfortunately, stack flashings have roughly half the lifespan of metal roofs themselves. When a stack flashings wear out, they can leave the area around the base of a pipe or vent prone to metal roof leaks.

2. Unsealed Seams

Roofs are created by laying down material over material. Even if a roof is perfectly installed, seams and overlay areas must be sealed. If not sealed properly, these can leave your roof at an enormous risk of rot and metal roof leaks.

3. Improperly Installed Roofings Screws

Roofing screws are used to hold panels in place. The rubber washer at the base of each screw is intended to keep water from entering your home. However, these screws are only effective at keeping water out so long as they are installed properly. Over-driven screws have the potential to break the washers, while under-driven and misaligned screws don’t properly seal off the screw hole and therefore cause a leak. 

4. Old Sealant

Another one of the common reasons for metal roof leaks is old sealant. Just like stack flashings aren’t meant to last forever, the sealant used when your roof is first installed won’t last as long as the roof itself. Pitch pans, reglets, and roof transitions are just a few of the areas where sealant can break down earlier than you may expect. 

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Catching Problems Early

As with most things, the best way to prevent a problem is by catching early it before it become a major headache. Just like a car, roofs require routine maintenance. These appointments allow contractors to identify issues such as loose screws or bad stack flashings and replace them before they are able to cause major damage to your roof and home. 

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