5 Different Types of Roofs Around the World

roofs around the world

There are many types of roofs around the world. These designs have been perfected and customized time and time again over the years. Most of us take for granted the roofs on our homes and buildings, but architects from other countries put a lot of thought into their designs. They must be sturdy, leak-proof, and lined with gutters to prevent water from damaging the structure below. Roofs come in all shapes and unique forms – and many differ greatly from the standard pitch of a typical American home design.

Mansard Roofs

Mansard roofs are a popular choice for many homes and business roofs around the world. While it originated in France, the design has since become popular throughout the world. Contractors are now using high-quality materials to create these unique roofs. Besides keeping your home’s roof free of rust, these structures can also allow you to add an attic, spare room or master bedroom.

roofs around the world
View of rooftops and sea, Oía, Santorini, Kikladhes, Greece

Curved Roofs

Curved roofs are common roofs around the world and are a great way to add wow-factor to any structure. They are designed to match the region where they are placed, while offering durability and low maintenance. Developers are also fond of this type of roof because of its ease of construction and low height, making it an ideal choice for buildings with height restrictions.

Curved roofs are also great for lowering indoor temperatures during hot, dry climates. Because of their curved shape, they are believed to reflect more radiation than flat roofs. The result is a cooler interior temperature during the summer.

Shed Roofs

There are many types of shed roofs around the world. The most popular is the Quaker roof, which has an overhang at the front and a smaller one in the back. This shape provides more height inside the building and allows for ventilation on all sides. This roof is used for small-scale buildings such as garages.

The slope of a shed roof affects its design, as it affects the amount of space available within the building. A lower slope will require shorter structural members, while a steeper slope will require more framing members with more weight. Another important design consideration is the amount of headroom available in high eaves. Additionally, the slope will affect the grandness of the space.

Saltbox Roofs

There are a number of benefits of installing saltbox roofs around the world. For one, this type of roof is very low-maintenance and energy-efficient. Another benefit is that it requires minimal interior framing, which means it can be quickly constructed. Early colonists often built saltbox roofs over their homes, when they were trying to make ends meet and facing harsh weather. A saltbox roof is also easy to install, and any carpenter or roofing contractor can do the job.

Saltbox roofs have become increasingly popular roofs around the world, including the United States. They’re extremely low-maintenance and practical and were first used in Colonial America.

Jerkinhead Roofs

Jerkinhead roofs are a unique style of roof that resembles a gable roof with a shortened end. This style is used to provide more attic space and more wind stability to a home. They are quite complex to construct and are much more expensive than a standard gable or hip roof. The name probably comes from the Scottish word “kirkin-head,” meaning church roof. This is definitely one of the more unique popularized roofs around the world.

The Jerkinhead roof form is a great option for homes in many parts of the world. Jerkinhead roofs are more stable than hip or gable roofs because they have pointed edges, which lend extra wind resistance and protection. They also allow for more living space and storage space. While jerkinhead roofs can be made from any standard roofing material, they can be more expensive than other styles.

roofs around the world

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