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Financing Options


A home equity financing option allows you to borrow against available equity built up in your home over time; this is the difference between the market value of your home and the balance you still owe on your mortgage. If your loan-to-value ratio is 85% or less, a home equity loan or line of credit may be a roof financing option for you.

A home equity loan or line of credit is beneficial because you can usually get a relatively low interest rate as compared to other financing options for roof repair. This is because the home itself is used as collateral to back the loan, giving the lender less exposure to risk in the event of default on payments. 

Home equity loans and lines of credit are ideal for large expenses and home renovation or repairs, including a roof replacement. However, you must have strong credit and steady income to qualify, as well as available equity in your primary residence.


You may also have an opportunity to get a personal loan with a competitive rate for use as a home improvement loan to finance your roof replacement.

With a roof loan, a traditional bank or credit union offers you a lump sum upfront. The amount offered as well as the interest rate charged over the life of the loan is dependent on your credit score and history.

We think this is a better option because local credit unions typically charge less interest and you support your local community.