How to Avoid Mishaps When Hanging Christmas Lights

hanging christmas lights

When hanging Christmas lights, you often have to use your roof to get the very highest and most detailed spots. At Western Construction & Roofing, we recommend doing a quick roof inspection while you’re up there. Doing a quick roof inspection is always a good idea if the opportunity presents itself. It’s always a good idea to seize the moment.

We consider ourselves experts in all things roofing, so we are sharing our list of Christmas light hanging tips. We wish you a jolly season full of cheer!

Things to Consider when Hanging Christmas Lights

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Clips for Hanging Christmas Lights

When hanging Christmas lights on your house, there are several different types of clips available. One type is permanent, which requires holes in your siding. The other type is temporary, which is ideal if you just want to hang the lights temporarily. These clips are generally available in plastic or metal. They are also known as cable staples.

Magnetic C9 light clips are easy to use and are commercial grade. They are also UV-protected and make the task of hanging your Christmas lights easy. The clips are easy to install and work on any metal surface. You can use them to hang both horizontal and vertical strands.

Extension Cords for Hanging Christmas Lights

Extension cords are an essential part of any Christmas light enthusiast’s toolkit. You can use these to hang your lights in awkward spots like behind bushes and along walls. Be sure to purchase heavy duty ones that are rated for outdoor use. Also, remember not to run the cords across walkways and avoid placing them in low areas that will collect water in case of rain.

hanging christmas lights

When shopping for extension cords for hanging Christmas lights, be sure to check their maximum amperage (or the highest amount of current or power they can handle). If you’re using multiple lights, you’ll want to make sure the cord’s maximum amperage is enough for all of them.

Zip Ties for Hanging Christmas Lights

If you’re hanging Christmas lights around the house, zip ties are a great way to keep them in place. They’re easy to use and inexpensive to purchase. They can also protect your holiday lights from harsh weather like ice storms and excessive winds. You can use them to hold the lights in place until you’re ready to store them. You can find zip ties in various colors, so that they blend in with your Christmas lights.

The cheapest place to get clear zip ties is the dollar store, but you can also buy them online. You can attach several zip ties together to create a longer length if needed as well!

hanging christmas lights

Clark Griswold’s Method

If you have ever watched Christmas Vacation, you know that Clark Griswold made many mistakes when hanging his Christmas lights. From hanging lights on the roof to stapling them in the trees, Clark’s method for hanging Christmas lights was truly the definition of a no-no. In the movie, Clark tried to be the brightest home on the block – and ended up with countless mishaps. Fortunately, you don’t have to be Clark Griswold to put up your Christmas lights the right way.

When hanging outdoor Christmas lights, you can use gutter clips, shingle clips and siding clips to hang them securely. You can also use plastic zip clips, which can be purchased year-round at hardware stores, to keep the lights from getting tangled.

Test Your Lights Before Your Hang Them Up

Ensure that your Christmas lights function properly by testing each strand before hanging them. Check for loose bulbs, broken sockets and frayed wires. If the lights fail, you can take them to a repair shop or replace them. The earlier you begin testing your lights, the better, as you will have more time to make any necessary repairs. Fortunately, most retailers start stocking their Christmas lights as early as October.

When replacing the bulbs, be sure to check their wattage rating. If they are too high, you run the risk of damaging wire insulation and creating a fire hazard.

Use Energy-Efficient Lighting like LED’s

There are many reasons to switch to LED lights like their long life to their energy efficiency. Unlike incandescent bulbs, which waste 80% of their energy as heat, LEDs use only a fraction of that energy to produce light. This translates to lower lighting costs and reduced electricity bills.

Compared to incandescent bulbs, LEDs last for much longer, up to 25,000 hours. While LED bulbs are more expensive upfront, they tend to last for much longer than incandescent bulbs and cost much less to operate.

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Western Construction & Roofing is Here for you During the Holidays

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