How Can a Good Roof Help Save on Energy Costs?

Are you wondering if a new roof can save on energy costs? Is it possible that a new roof can save you on energy costs? In most cases, yes! A new roof has the potential to better insulate your home and cut down on heating and cooling costs.

Older roofs that are outdated and damaged are causing heat to leak out of your home in the winter and the sun’s hot rays to cook your home in the summer – raising your energy costs. Older roofs are less energy efficient than newer roofs and will cost you more in the end. With Western Construction & Roofing, you will get a quality roof with only the best craftsmanship guaranteed.

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How Does My Roof Influence My Energy Costs?

There are several factors that influence the energy bill you receive each month and a major one can be your roof. The overall health of your roof can determine how well your home is insulated. As the years go by, a roof receives storm damage, sun damage, materials can deteriorate and new technologies and materials far surpass the older in quality. A new roof is like giving your home a fresh opportunity for efficiency.

How to Cut Down Energy Costs with a New Roof from Western Construction & Roofing

Consider these important factors when choosing what type of roof to have installed on your home:

Reflection of Solar Rays: Your roof needs to reflect light efficiently to combat the sun’s powerful rays.

Ventilation: What type of roof ventilation system do you currently have and do you need to elaborate on the system for max efficiency?

Energy Star Rating: Energy Star is the influential factor on how energy efficient a product or system is. Consider the Energy Star Rating of all products for your home. Energy costs can be drastically dropped!

Color of Shingles: Choose a shingle color that best works for your home’s climate and typical weather. Warmer areas should have lighter colored roofs so that the sun can be better reflected. Colder areas will have darker roofs more often than not.

More Considerations When Choosing a New Roof

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What kind of shingles will you use?

Something very important to consider is what type of shingles you will choose for your new energy efficient roof to reduce energy costs. Some of the different types of shingle materials include:

  • Composite plastic
  • Wood shake
  • Asphalt
  • Clay tile
  • Slate tile
  • Wood
  • Rubber roofing
  • Concrete
  • Solar shingles

Check the energy rating of the shingles you choose for your roof so that you can maximize the energy efficiency of your new roof. It is very worthwhile to spend the extra time researching products, materials, techniques and companies – your roof will last you years and is a big investment! It’s best to know as much as you can.

Choosing the Best Roofer for your Project

Choosing a roofer is never easy, but we feel we know the best team in the business at Western Construction & Roofing. We work tirelessly for our customers so that you can live in comfort and operate your business with a great roof. We will always strive to provide the best customer service and loyalty to our customers. Our technicians are highly trained in applying the quality materials we commit to at Western Construction & Roofing.

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Knowledgeable and Experienced Roofers for the Coeur d’Alene Area

We look forward to helping you navigate your roof repairs and replacement or new roof installation. We at Western Construction & Roofing are experienced with 20 years of firsthand experience in the professional roofing industry. From residential to commercial, new installs to replacements, repairs and inspections – we have you covered!

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