Professional Roofing Service | Huetter, Idaho

Are you a Huetter homeowner or business owner looking for quality roofing service in Huetter, Idaho?

Western Construction and Roofing is a trusted name throughout our region, and for good reason. We deliver quality roofing service for both residential and commercial roofs, with no hidden fees or upcharging. We believe in honest transactions and genuine customer service.

We service flat roofs, asphalt shingle rooms, and more! 


If a tree branch damages your roof or you notice a leak, call Western Construction and Roofing for fast scheduling and quick repairs. We offer a 24/7 crisis line. Our team is standing by to help with all of your repair needs. We are versed in roof-related insurance claims and can help you sort out the insurance side of things!


If your roof is over 25 years old it may be time to install a new roof. After 25 years, material can begin to break down due to natural wear and tear. Frequent leaks and shingle shedding are a sign that your roof may need to be replaced sooner rather than later. 

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