5 Ways Protect Your Roof from Bad Storm Damage

Protect your roof

How do you protect your roof from storm damage? Have you ever gone outside after a nasty windstorm and found that the large thump you heard in the night was a sizeable tree branch hitting your roof? Whether your roof is seasoned from years of life or brand new, that thump in the night can be costly and nerve wracking. Like anything when it comes to our homes, we can take it as a lesson to try and prepare better for a storm and potentially avoid damage all together.

Keep an Eye on Weather Reports to Protect Your Roof

protect your roof

Oftentimes, people who need a damaged roof repaired report that they never saw the storm coming. These days it’s as easy as picking up your phone to see what the weather will be like for the next few days or even the next month if you use an app or website like Accuweather. If you know a storm is predicted within the near future, you have every day prior to prepare and protect your roof. Take advantage of every day you get to preserve your home’s first line of defense – the roof.

Cold Weather Preparedness: Tree Cleanup

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the weather reports to be prepared, but it’s even more helpful to do cleanups a few times per year to protect your roof. If you have many trees on your property or the surrounding areas, chances are that branches will go flying once the wind picks up. It’s a great idea to do a thorough walkthrough of your property to evaluate if there are any potential hazards that could fly out of your trees.

If you have taken the time to protect your roof by lassoing hanging branches out of trees, remove old and decaying deadfall and ensure trees are healthy in the ground, your chances of making it out of the storm without damage should be greater.

protect your roof

Evaluate Potential Threats

What some people do not consider is the potential for things in the yard to go flying around in a windstorm. Items large and small could pose a threat to the integrity of your roof and the rest of your home. If you know a storm is coming or if you just want to prep your yard for the inevitable storms of the fall and winter seasons, take a look around and see what you can do to eliminate threats.

Trampolines, baseball bats, bicycles, soccer nets and kid pools are just a few things that can be put away and eliminated as dangers to your home in a storm. No one wants to wake up the next day after a storm to find a basketball in their front window and a trampoline through their roof. If we take the time to evaluate, we can hopefully protect our roof.

Start with a Healthy Roof

If you have an old roof or a worn roof, maybe it has multiple layers and you think all that cushion makes it invincible – we are sorry to tell you that that’s likely not the case. If your roof is covered in moss, if your roof is covered in treefall and other debris, if you have small areas with water spots on your ceiling, if there are shingles popping up at odd angles, if any of the aforementioned issues are true about your roof, it’s due time to get that roof evaluated for repairs or replacement. A weathered roof with preexisting damage or wear is going to have even more potential for more damage in storm weather.

Prepare for Stormy Weather with Western Construction & Roofing

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