Signs that Indicate You Need a New Roof

There are several signs that you need a new roof installed. From leaks to damaged shingles, sagging areas mold, there are so many things that can indicate wear beyond repair. The first thing to do is call our experts at Western Construction and Roofing to get scheduled for an appointment to evaluate your roof. In the meantime, read our list of situations that may call cause for concern.

Curling Shingles are a Warning Sign

Curling shingles on your roof are one of the most common warning signs that you need a new roof. Curling shingles are most likely to appear on slopes where sunlight is the most intense. This is common with aged roofs. Curling shingles can also occur due to poor installation or a leaking roof. In this case, you should give us a call at (208) 889-3761 to inspect your roof.

you need a new roof

Water Leaks are a Sign You Need a New Roof

One of the most obvious signs you need a new roof is the appearance of wet marks on the ceiling. These marks can be black, gray, or brown in color and are most commonly seen on the upper level of the home. These wet marks are especially noticeable in the bathroom, as the bathroom vents are common places for water to leak. You should also check for signs of water damage in the attic. Inspecting the attic with a flashlight will give you a good idea of whether you are dealing with a water leak.

If you’ve noticed water dripping in your home, it’s probably time to consider a new roof. The problem could be due to a variety of reasons, including old materials or storm damage. While you may be able to fix small leaks yourself, you should consult with a roofing professional, as a small leak can quickly become a large one.

Moss Growing Can Indicate You Need a New Roof

If you notice moss growing on your roof, it may be time to consider a new roof. Moss growth will prevent your shingles from blocking water and will wear down your shingles over time. Moss growth may even cause your shingles to warp so that they aren’t lying flat against the roof. You can try to get moss off with moss killer and scraping tools, but this is a task best left to professionals.

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Mold Growth Can Be a Sign You Need a New Roof

If you notice a fungus or mold growth on your roof, you may need to get a new roof. These organisms can cause water damage to your home. Additionally, they can cause structural damage, like cracks and gaping, to the house. Cracks in your roof can also allow rodents to enter your home.

Pests May Indicate Roof Damage

If you’ve noticed evidence of rodents like nests in the attic, droppings or noises coming from above your uppermost ceiling, you need to have your attic space and roof inspected. Not all pests are easy to see, but a professional roofer will be able to identify them during a routine inspection. Although pests can cause extensive damage, many can be easily removed by natural means.

Framing Issues are of Great Concern

If you notice that your roof is sagging, it is likely due to a framing issue or a collapsed roof. If this happens, it is more likely than not that you need a new roof. The problem could be in the foundation or attic decking. It is impossible to know without a proper inspection. It is important to address this problem before the damage spreads.

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Old and dirty of moss roof tiles

Water-Saturated Roof Deck

Water-saturated roof decks can be signs that your home needs a new roof. If your roof deck is saturated with water, it can cause your roof to sag and may even cause your roof to cave in. It is a good idea to consult a roofing professional for an inspection.

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