What Are the Top 3 Types of Gutters?

If you are a homeowner and doing work to your roof or gutters, you might find yourself wondering what are the top 3 types of gutters are. Whether you are needing to replace your gutters, are remodeling your home or are just wanting to become more informed on the different aspects of your home, there is much to be discovered on the topic. There are three main types of gutters available for homes. Choosing which type of gutter to install on your home is very important and is dependent on where you live, the type of home you have and the budget you have for the project. Read on for a of the top three types of gutters.

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Types of Gutters


These popular gutters are very loosely named from their scant resemblance to the letter K. Although the inventors of this type of gutter were not overly inspired when giving this popular gutter style its name, they were on to something brilliant when crafting the design. These gutters are available in different sizes to fit any home’s unique angles and edges and are typically the first choice for most people.

K-style are made with ridges and curves and the design helps it to hold up against impact from tree branches or whatever else might blow their way in a storm. These are a little more susceptible to clogs and needing cleaned than their counterparts, but they are still a great option. These are the most popular choice among homeowners today.


Half-round gutters are exactly how they sound – they’re round in shape but just half of a complete circle. The half-round gutters look like tubes cut in half. These efficient gutters are stylish and can last longer than other styles. The shape of the gutter allows debris to be carried way more efficiently and there is less corrosion because there are less places for debris to get stuck and decay the material.

This style is ideal for gutter protection systems because of the streamlined design and can be built into any dwelling. Choose this style if you are going for style, ease of maintenance and longevity of performance.

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Box gutters are a popular style found on older buildings and homes. It is not likely that you will have them installed in any new build, a remodel or new installation, but it is great to be informed on all the different styles you might see around you. This style of gutter was once the top-of-the-line design, but it does have its downfalls to consider compared to the other two popular gutter types noted in this article.

One strange fact about these gutters is that they are made of wood. People today might find this odd in the age of vinyl and metal gutter materials, but this design was state of the art from the 1800’s to the 1900’s. The wooden design made the gutters blend seamlessly into the design of the home for an aesthetic look.

If you do intend to have box gutters installed, keep in mind that it is a very costly endeavor due to the fact that they have to be custom built for your home. The maintenance involved due to the prospect of wood rotting. In the end, you likely will never need to have this type of gutter installed, but it’s great to learn the facts.

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Now That You’ve Learned About the Top 3 Types

It can be very difficult to decide which style is best for your home. Whether you are unsure or decided, it’s great to get an opinion from an expert. Call us today at (208) 889-3761 or click here to request an appointment with one of our experts at Western Construction & Roofing.